Easy Ways to Get Rid of Dust in Your Home

Easy Ways to Get Rid of Dust in Your Home

It can be tough to keep the house clean, especially when it comes to dust since it can settle anywhere and everywhere.  Below, we’ll look at a few ways to help minimize this nuisance that is not only unsightly, but also can lead to problems with allergies.



Doormats can be an excellent way to keep too much outside dust from getting into the house in the first place.  Even when family members and guests don’t make a concerted effort to wipe their feet, much of the dust they’re tracking in on their shoes can be captured by a doormat, especially one that’s at least a little bristly.  Just make sure you get doormats (for inside and outside each exterior door) that can be vacuumed, machine washed, or hosed off easily and that you actually do clean them regularly.


If allergies or respiratory issues are a major concern in your home, carpet can definitely be one of your worst enemies.  Unless you’re prepared to vacuum daily with a high-quality vacuum cleaner, it’s just about impossible to keep carpets dust-free.  This dust gets stirred up with every step.  Whatever kind of flooring you have, regular cleaning is a must.  A good vacuum cleaner can help with carpets and rugs as well as hard floors.



When vacuuming, don’t forget about upholstery.  Dust in the air can settle on every kind of surface, and the dust we carry in (or create–dead skin accounts for a significant percentage of household dust) will be left behind wherever we sit.  Dusting hard furniture surfaces is necessary, too.  Using a good vacuum cleaner with attachments (like small brushes) can be great for entertainment centers, coffee tables, etc., in addition to sofas and chairs.


Getting dust covers for your pillows and mattresses is another way to help keep dust from building up.  Even sheets and pillowcases can’t keep all dust out of mattresses and pillows.  Dust covers are designed to be impermeable.  Just be sure you wash these covers regularly, too.  Comforters, duvet covers, quilts, and such can be tougher to wash and dry regularly, but they can also definitely collect dust.  Vacuuming these bed covers between washings can help.



If you have pets, you might consider putting old towels or blankets on their favorite sleeping spots.  Even if your pets only ever sleep in their designated beds, covering these beds with an old sheet is a good idea since old sheets (or towels, etc.) are usually a lot easier to clean than pet beds.  Regular grooming is the best way to keep pet-related dust to a minimum.  Keeping litter boxes covered also helps control dust (and odors).



You can get an air purifier to help remove dust from your air.  For maximum coverage, you might be better off with two or more smaller models placed throughout the house than spending big bucks on a single model.  Keeping windows closed is a good way to keep outside dust from getting inside.  If you can’t resist letting in some fresh air on nice days, positioning air purifiers near open windows can help.  Regularly changing the filter(s) in your furnace or central AC is another key to keeping your air clean.


While the above tips can’t prevent dust from creeping in altogether and don’t represent everything you can do, they certainly can minimize the invasion and buildup.  This can also make your regular cleaning sessions easier and much more effective.

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